The Sums (ex – Smaller) are a 4 piece band from Liverpool, UK. Fronted by legendary singer songwriter Peter ‘Digsy’ Deary, also known for his friendship with Noel Gallagher and also having a song wrote in his name by Oasis ‘Digsy’s Dinner’ from their debut album Definitely Maybe.

Digsy was front man for 90’s indie chart topping band Smaller who were a part of the UK Brit pop scene who smashed into the indie chart top 10 with classic singles taken from the critically acclaimed album ” Badly Badly”, ‘Wasted’ ‘Stray dogs and bin bags’ , ‘God i hate this town’ and ‘Is’ featuring Noel Gallagher on guitar.

Noel also lists Smaller’s album Badly Badly as one of his favourite albums of all time. Smaller were very much in demand and toured with The Stereophonics, Catatonia, Paul Weller and Oasis and much more. They recorded a 2nd album in 1997 which was never released, as soon after the recording sessions their record label ran into financial difficulties and folded, which left the band stranded.

Smaller stayed together with various line-up changes along the way and continued on their creative path. Then In 2005 singer/song writers Peter (digsy) Deary and Chris Mullin decided to end Smaller and take a new avenue of creativity re launched the band as The Sums. The name change come about after the band still then called Smaller had just finished recording 11 tracks in The Ranch studios, Liverpool 2005, it seemed at the time a good point to change the name, armed with their fresh new recordings came the birth of The Sums… Their streak of misfortune continued, only to discover days before they were due to finish recording & mix the tracks that the hard drive had gone ‘missing’ and the files with the 11 tracks where gone.

The hard drive stayed missing for a further 5 years until one day a phone call came through with the ‘guess what I’ve found?’ news… The unfinished recordings needed some attention & where produced & mixed by Chris Mullin & Digsy and in October 2011 the band released it as their debut album called ’If Only’ with an additional 2 tracks recorded elsewhere.

The Sums also released an EP called ‘Treat Your Victim’, for download in 2008, it feature’s demos that where originally intended for release by a various record labels. Start at the Finish is the eagerly awaited second studio album from The Sums, the album that had to happen is a story of achieving whilst being the underdog.

The band hailing from the backstreet’s of Liverpool have produced a kaleidoscope of sounds with a psychedelic twist of subtle loops and samples, whilst not losing sight nor sound of their 4 piece guitar driven roots with added heart felt vocal arrangements … embark on this musical journey from start to finish It was recorded in Box studios Liverpool, from February 2014 – November 2014. The band ran a campaign via Pledge Music and successfully raised the funds to go into the studio to record their new 13 track album.

The record has already been exclusively released to the people who pre ordered via the Pledge Music campaign, and from this the record has received some fantastic feedback. The Sums have stayed close to their guitar driven routes but spiced things up with an array of cleverly pieced audio samples, subtle loops and added psychedelic over tones and pulses.

Peter Deary & Chris Mullin write strong, passionate songs with seriously addictive melodies, and who pen lyrics which are as sharp as a knife! They could be the creative force behind any artist from the stars to the emerging artists and are open to any publishing offers for their back catalogue and future arrangements.

This album captures the band perfectly. Guitarist Lee Watson provides fantastic guitar work and ensures strong and to the point guitar parts are delivered, and with his valued creative input, along with drummer Chris Campbell keeping the backbone firmly in place, the band as a whole are the complete package… And so it continues…..